BRB, 2007
Together with my assistant, Iris D., I went on a journey to the new continent of Second Life (SL). We arrived without ever leaving the studio.
A documentary film of 30 min. brings forth elements from our joint travel.
In the new world lies a promise of a fresh start. You can fly there, create and rejuvenate. The space there generates a different psycho-geographic perception. A new form of intimacy is created; one can love at a click of a button. In this realm an immediate projection is formed and followed by an amplification of emotions.
The film opens with conversation shown on a black screen. The conversation was recorded at a gathering of philosophers in SL. There is a girl there who tries to disclose some of her personal problems. The philosophers, however, try to generalize and extract universal meaning from her words. Tensions arise. At the end of this conversation we see philosophers gathering around a campfire at night.
Our journey to SL began from here and we arrived at various places, sometimes by chance as we used the game's search engine. For instance, when searching for "Love", we arrived at a space for public orgies where Iris met a young guy. As they had sex I filmed them. The film shifts between the places we visited, the philosophers’ campfire and a virtual gallery that I constructed in the sky of Second Life, capturing the conversations that take place in this Purgatory between heaven and earth.
BRB is an acronym, for “be right back” in the chat language.

BRB from Vuzet Productions on Vimeo.

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